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Ten years ago, The South Beach Diet became a sensation, giving millions of people a whole new approach to healthy eating — and millions of people lost millions of pounds in the process! Now, in this all-new book, Dr. Agatston has taken it a step further: The more than 175 recipes in The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Cookbook adhere to his original guidelines while eliminating all the obvious and hidden sources of gluten that can be so troublesome for the gluten sensitive — and downright dangerous for the 3 million Americans who suffer from celiac disease.

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All-new recipes from The South Beach Diet test kitchens

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More than 175 tempting gluten-free recipes for breakfast, snacks, salads, mains, sides, desserts, and more!

SPECIAL FEATURE! 12 hearty, meatless mains, including mac and cheese and lasagna!

Recipes that are easy to prepare from wholesome, naturally gluten-free ingredients

A plan for losing up to 10 pounds in just 14 days!

Dozens of full-color photographs to guide and inspire your cooking

50+ ways to detect and remove hidden sources of gluten

How to replace “bad” carbs with “good” ones — and reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes!

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Classic South Beach Diet Plan Has Helped Millions Lose Weight!Arthur Agatston, MD, is a preventive cardiologist and the creator of the best-selling South Beach Diet series of books. Having recently determined his own level of gluten sensitivity, he created the South Beach Diet Gluten Solution program for the millions of Americans who may not realize they’re gluten sensitive and are suffering needlessly as a result. He maintains a cardiology practice in Miami Beach.

From the South Beach Diet test kitchens

Frozen in small portions, our Slow-Cooker Pulled Beef is the smart cook’s way to prepare several meals at once! Fabulous as is, it’s even better in tostadas, with pasta, in soup — the sky’s the limit! Page 186

Crunchy and spicy all at once, Spicy Chickpea “Nuts” will become your new favorite nibble. (Make a double batch — everyone loves them!) Page 58

Hoisin sauce is so tasty, but it usually contains hidden gluten. (Boo!) The homemade version in our Peking Chicken Wraps is just as flavorful, but gluten free. (Yay!) See page 166.

Banana Cream Pie Breakfast Shake

Lemon Zucchini Bread is great for an afternoon snack. Lightly toast a slice and spread it with a wedge of light spreadable cheese, and top the cheese with thinly sliced bell pepper for a little crunch. Page 44

Party time! Creamy Hot Broccoli Dip is so rich-tasting, you’ll never miss all the fat we slashed from this perennial potluck favorite. Page 48

Relax! It just feels like cheating! Banana Cream Pie Breakfast Shake is a cool, creamy choice for your on-the-go mornings. Page 32

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